Frequently asked questions

Is there really air in my water? If so, should I care?

Absolutely. Water endures a turbulent journey as it finds its way into a building. That turbulence, in addition to other factors, causes the formation of air bubbles. The problem is that virtually all water meters measure volume, which will mean both the water AND the air bubbles in water. So you’re paying for water plus air, instead of just water. 

What impact can the air bubbles have on my water bill?

Our experience is that meter volume typically drops by 15-25% after the installation of the WaterGater®. The entire reduction can be attributed to preventing air bubbles in water from creating volume. Also note that sewer bills are typically based off incoming water volume, so they too benefit from the reduced volume. 

How does the WaterGater® valve solve the air bubble problem?

The WaterGater® valve is a flow management device that creates a compression zone more than 100 feet back up the water main. This added pressure does not allow the formation of large air bubbles in water (imagine a shaken soda whose bubbles don’t appear until pressure is released) and instead creates what is called laminar flow, or smooth layers of fluid with little or no mixing or turbulence. No air bubbles means water savings as the meter more accurately measures the actual water being used. 

Does the WaterGater® valve cause a reduction in water pressure or volume flow?

 Our device causes very little reduction in pressure --- typically no more than 1-2 psi.  In addition, our design will not have a material adverse impact on the flow. 

How expensive is the WaterGater®? Is product financing available?

WaterGater®offers a unique shared savings model, allowing our customers to make no upfront payments and only make ongoing payments out of savings. We will install the device completely at our own expense (materials & labor). After reviewing the first two full months’ post-installation water usage, we will calculate the monthly water savings and a share of that savings will become the customer’s monthly “rental” paid to WaterGater® 

How complicated is the installation?

Installation usually takes between 1-3 hours. The WaterGater® valve is designed to fit inside the existing water pipe and is installed at an existing seam – there is rarely a need to cut the existing pipe. 

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Is the WaterGater® legal? Safe?

The WaterGater® is legal to install on the customer side of the water meter. All installations are performed by licensed plumbers in accordance with all applicable local laws, codes and standard plumbing practices. No special permits or permission should be necessary.

The WaterGater® is constructed of stainless steel and high-density polyethylene, is in compliance with NSF / ANSI 61 (potable water) and NSF / ANSI 372 (lead free) and is safe for use with all potable and non-potable water applications. 

What type of guarantee does the WaterGater® offer?

WaterGater® provides a minimum 60-day risk free trial to make sure the customer is happy with the product. Once the customer has the chance to review two months of post-installation water savings, they have the option of keeping the device or asking WaterGater® to remove the device at our expense….for ANY reason. This means the customer makes no payments during the first 60 days. Our goal is for customers to ask themselves “Why wouldn’t I try this?”

What is the product warranty?

WaterGater® comes with a 10-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. 

How much maintenance is to be expected?

Virtually none. We ask customers to submit water bills every six (6) months just to be sure nothing seems out of the ordinary. Under the rental agreement, WaterGater® will be responsible for the full cost of any required maintenance or repair.