The Rise and Fall of Ireland

Rise Above Challenges Iceland!

Iceland becamed an independent republic in 1944 and it became one of the world’s most prosperous economies. But it changed on 2008 when three of Iceland’s major privately owned banks had difficulty in refinancing their short term debts from the Netherlands and United Kingdom. This was the biggest crisis that Iceland experienced. And Iceland responded to that crisis so their economy rose again from the ground. And by the end of 2011 their economy grows by 2.4 percent. Iceland has a great culture and arts scene even though their population is not that big. The capital city of Iceland is a great place and it has a lot of restaurants and guess what? The bars there are open till 5 a.m. Iceland is very unique and it has a lot of beautiful places to visit. Iceland has become the leading expert in harnessing geothermal energy. And 81 percent of Iceland’s energy comes from cheap clean energy from domestic source such as geothermal energy. Truly, Iceland is a great country despite of the challenges that they experienced they still managed to get up and move forward. And Iceland is really perfect for your travel goals!